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創立74周年記念技術書 基礎化学工学(英文)

Transport Process
Chemical Engineering

Transport Process Chemical Engineering (TPCE) is a significant contribution to chemical engineering education. The author Emeritus Professor Kunio Kataoka of Kobe University, Kobe, Japan is eminently qualified having taught this subject for 35 years to both undergraduate and graduate students. TPCE should serve as a supplemental text for both undergraduate and graduate students. While undergraduate students may have been exposed to vector and tensor analysis in a mathematics course, the study of transport processes is likely their first exposure to practical situations where these concepts are required. This exposure can be quite daunting. Graduate students may benefit by reviewing the more practical aspects and as a second source for the more advanced topics.

The text considers microscopic and macroscopic balances of heat, mass, and momentum transfer both separately and simultaneously. The chapters typically begin with a generalized mathematical treatment which is subsequently simplified for special cases. The limits of the simplifying assumptions are clearly specified. Each chapter contains examples with detailed solutions, problems including an answer so that the students may know if their approach is correct, and problems without an answer leaving the students on their own.

It is my experience based on 40 years of teaching that students react to complex materials in different ways. Some respond quite well to one author’s presentation while others find that same presentation virtually incomprehensible. The latter group may, however, respond quite well to the same material presented in a somewhat different manner by another author. On another topic the response of the same groups may be totally reversed. To emphasize this point, a respected faculty colleague recently told me that he always tries to have two sources whenever he is preparing a new lecture.

The text is in English and should, therefore, be useful to chemical engineering students worldwide. It is particularly significant that Professor Kataoka has chosen to make the text available to all interested parties free-of-charge on the following web sites

Kobe University
(https://doi.org/10.24546/90008260 )
Kansai Chemical Engineering Company
(https://www.kce.co.jp/tec-info/memorialbook (this page)).

  • Emeritus Professor
    Dr. Douglas P. Harrison
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Louisiana State University
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • The United States of America